About Graphicola Studios

Founded in New York City as Immortal Shades Studio. The designs that Graphicola Studio creates have evolved dramatically over the years.With over two decades and a half of being in business, you can say we learned a thing or two.

Our team takes pride in transforming an idea from concept to design, thus making it a reality. Nothing brings us more joy, than a happy client who is in the process of making their dream come true.

At Graphicola Studios, our objective is clear: to help local small businesses and entrepreneurs build their online presence. We do so by focusing on what matters, and that is to deliver exceptional quality.


First Impressions matter:

Let us be honest, in a fast-paced, moving world. A powerful first impression does in fact make an impact. It shows people that you are ready, in charge, and prepared to accomplish whatever task is set before you.  This is why, it is imperative that your design makes a strong statement right from the start.

Case in point, it is the difference between handing someone a beautifully designed business card, compared to a plain white business card with black lettering.  The professional design will yield far more validation and show the would-be client that you are serious about what you are doing or plan to do.

Spend money on SEO or Graphics?

Many will say that SEO is by far more important than graphics.  Where we do agree that search engine optimization (SEO) is an important part of this process, it is only part of equation.  There is no real use in promoting a business, venture, or brand that has subpar graphics.  Because it is that first launch that will either attract business or reject business, there is no second chance. Great graphics play a pivotal role in getting yourself, brand or business noticed.

But even with great graphics and great SEO, there is still a missing ingredient to success. We believe that the brand owner must invest 120% of their effort into their venture in order for it to succeed.  Let’s be honest, you cannot achieve a dream by working on it part-time.  You have to prioritize your time, effort, and finances to make that dream come true. Failure to do so may yield you negative results.

Services we Offer:

Our services are tailored specifically to your business’s needs and goals so that you can focus on what matters most: growing your business/brand!

  • Logo Design And Branding
  • Website Design And Development
  • E-commerce Site Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content Writing
  • Video Production
  • 3D Modeling Animation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Business Consulting