Web Design


A website is an investment, a leap of faith that can define a company. 

I was always taught as a child to invest in myself, my brand and the work I put forth, Even though many would have told me it was a waste time. I proceeded forward to take the plunge, to commit ideas to actions, and to faithfully leap into the unknown that awaited me. 

Some leaps were successful beyond my imagination and others fell short of their mark. However, the lessons I had learned along the way granted me wisdom, made me smarter and instilled within me valuable lessons.

“An idea which is not fed, nurtured or pampered, becomes an idea

that fades into non existence.”

– George Mercado

The Beginning Stages!

It the world of web design, it is crucial that you hire the designer that best suits your needs. A designer with experience who will understand, grasp, and/or comprehend a client’s needs. In truth a designer is needed who has experience in graphics, design, marketing and more importantly branding. Because those are all the key ingredients in producing a quality brand or website.  

In this world you will find that designers are a dime a dozen. However to be honest, only a few will deliver what the client wants. Others unfortunately fail, dissapear and leave the client with purchase regrets.  Many designers seem to forget that it is not about the almighty dollar, but about what you can do for your client. It is about making dreams come true, about seeing an idea materialize into reality.

An idea that may perhaps change the very course of history. 

Plant the seed and watch it grow!

We remind our clients that a website is comparable to the tree of life. The idea like a seed is planted, watered, nurtured, and given an abundance of sunlight. With proper care it grows into a massive tree which provides you with shade, which suppliments you with the fruits of success, and protects you from the strong winds that try to topple you. Its roots dig deep into the earth and solidifies your company's foundation.

In truth, it is what you make of it, what you put into it, and how you manage it. Remember, that website is more than a design, it is a business, a marketing platform, and an online presence that should pay homage to your venture. So thus it is imperative that you treat it as such, and commit yourself to make it as powerful and impactful as ever. Because in the end, first impressions does matter.

"A dream will always be just a dream, unless you commit yourself 120% to it."
- George Mercado

George Mercado  @ Graphicola Studios