Website prices can range from $500 and up. as it depends on intricacy, details, design, and module integration. Basically, a simple site will be lower in price, than a complex time-consuming project. This is determined by hours invested, custom graphics, and the overall design required.



Custom logos can range from $150 and up, as it depends on the logo design and the hours invested. Every logo comes with the original Photoshop .PSD file for your printing needs. Logos will be created in high-resolution formats.  Graphic Design pricing can range between $20-$35 an hour, pending on job.

Branding & GFX Packages


Full branding packages are the way to go. This is a complete design process from start to finish, where we design your website, logo, promotional products, social media appearance, and print designs. Our designers will handle every aspect of your design needs for the length of your project.

Project Terms

All graphic work requires a 50% non-refundable deposit prior to start of work!

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Ideas, concepts, colors, or needs will be discussed prior to starting.  Our team will inquire about all facets of your business in order to create a custom design that suits your needs.  Thereafter we will start the design process and give you updates.

Once a logo is designed, we will await your approval or suggestions for changes.  We have no issues making changes, or redesigning the logo if the need arises. However once a logo design is approved by the client, the project is complete and no more changes will be made.  Final payment is required upon approval.


All website and page content must be submitted to the design team no later than 5 days after a deposit is made. If the content is not submitted within 14 days from the date on which the deposit was made, the project is thereby terminated. Our scheduling is booked per client workload. Exceeding your allotted workload timeframe disrupts our scheduling, thus interfering with other projects.  A website with content submitted in a timely manner can take 7-10 days.

Furthermore, we will not copy someone else’s website or work, as that is plagiarism. It is the client’s responsibility to have their content ready. We will however be of assistance with providing licensed images for customer websites and pages if it is required.  Each licensed image is $5


Graphic Design work such as custom designs, menu cards, flyers, business cards, promotional imaging, and all else goes by an hourly rate or project rate. Business card/flyer designs start from $100 and up. We do not do print, however, we can suggest places we have used in the past.

Graphic design work can be tedious, therefore is why our scheduled workflow must stay on track.  Whether you are looking for a custom logo design or a revamp of an existing design, we can assist. We have redesigned low-quality work into high-quality logos for clients with no issues whatsoever. These projects were quite complex and tedious to accomplish. Because each part of the design had to be recreated from scratch.


For those needing a complete content production package, our team can assist. Whether you need product images or a 30-60 second promotional online video, we got you covered.

Our experienced staff can help you produce that content, and deliver to you a finished, high-resolution presentation. Photography prices range from hourly to daily rates. Pricing includes the shoot and post-processing of photos/videos. Video editing as well can be arranged at an additional cost.


In today’s digital world, Graphicola will accept a few different forms of payment. Payments such as Cash, Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle, Corporate Checks, Credit Cards, and under rare situations barter trades are acceptable.  We completely understand that times are tough for everyone including us, and we have zero issues working with clients on an affordable budget.

However, when a job is complete, full payment is required prior to handing over all project files. Failure to pay off an invoice within (3) days of completion will result in a late fee of $99.  We do not like to impose such a fee, but a delay in payment pauses the function of our company.  This is why we encourage our clients to make that payment immediately upon completion of the project.