Creating a Brand

“A dream can never be built without hard work, determination and commitment. For they are the foundation in which it will be erected upon.

– George Mercado

Product Branding

Product logos, graphics, labels and promotional material.  As brand owners ourselves, we understand what is involved to get it done right.

VENTUREs / startups

A venture or start up, should make an impact in a positive way upon it’s launch. First impressions are everything, leave them with a powerful impact. 


Whether you wish to rebrand your business, or redesign the look. We have the experience and know how to make that vision a reality.


So you have a product, ideas, or business you wish to brand?

Yet, you have no idea where to begin?.  Well, let us help you, as we have been creating brands for ourselves and our clients for the last seven years.

Right from the start, I must say that creating a brand is not an easy task, one that gets noticed may be far tougher than one thinks. You see,  it takes months of work, of marketing, of focusing on the launch and preparation. However, for those who have that vision, that dream, that hunger to make a change in their lives. The outcome can be quite rewarding if you put in the effort and hard work.

The big question one must ask themselves before starting a brand is:

1: Do you have what it takes?
2: Do you have the time and finances to make it happen?
3: Are you committed to making that dream a reality?

Many will say they are, but only a tiny percent will do what it takes to make it successful. Branding isn’t cheap, but a solid brand will reap its rewards pending on the effort put in. Therefore it is imperative, that you hire someone who has the experience in this field, over someone who does not. 

At Graphicola, we have the experience and know how to help make that dream a reality.